Simplify management and maximize the benefits of using your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Guarantee a greater availability of your data and services within the highest technological standards. The services are approved and implemented by specialized and certified teams, with experience to implement complex projects with a simple, modern approach and focused on obtaining the best cost-benefit ratio, using agnostic solutions and applying the best practices and automation resources of the market.

In Sencinet we are ready to support your project, regardless of the maturity level in the adoption of cloud services:

We reuse what is appropriate from your legacy environment; We work directly with your business area; We detail specific services with your technical team.
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We support your project from the conception of the idea of adopting a public cloud, understanding the performance, availability, regulations, and agility requirements necessary to keep up with the challenges of your business and after careful mapping of these requirements, we develop the project that may include:


  • Validation of current resources and required resources in the target cloud.
  • Application Analysis.
  • Report generation explaining which applications should be migrated the way they are, applications that should be restored, and applications that should be rewritten.
  • Implementation Plan, that contains the analysis of the best cloud service for your needs, best cost-benefit, project risks and necessary integrations.
  • Strategies for optimization, monitoring, cost control, security, connectivity and high availability of the solution.

Our goal is to ensure the intelligent use of public clouds by your company, so we can support you with a specific project, a specific management of services or through a complete outsourcing for the management of your Cloud environments.

Our offer of private cloud simplifies integration with public cloud services, connectivity, and security services. These services can be made available and managed directly by your own team or by our team, from our Data Centers in Latin America or from your company's infrastructure. Through a management portal we guarantee:


  • Support for cloud-native applications and workloads
  • Micro-segmentation and network governance.
  • Flexible configurations
  • Deduplication
  • Monitoring
  • Compatible with all major hypervisors
  • Proactive remediation.
  • Intelligent automation.
  • Connection to public clouds

We are prepared to implement or orchestrate multi-environment solutions, managing in an integrated way environment implemented in Public, Private and legacy clouds. Through a self-service Portal, our customers can orchestrate their multi-cloud platforms, monitor provisioned resources, and implement automation of their application lifecycle management.

Financial control is a crucial point in managing hybrid environments and we can help you monitor and manage costs, to ensure that only what is necessary will be provisioned.

Sencinet has 4 data centers in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, two of them certified by the Uptime Institute as TIER III and one of them TIER IV, highly connected with the main carriers in the region and with public clouds.
Through our Service Desk, we guarantee attention to the needs of your company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, acting as a single point of contact for all aspects related to the contracted service, in addition to:

The energy is supported by generators with automatic preheating, starting and transfer system that happens in seconds. Fuel tanks provide uninterrupted service autonomy.

Cooling systems aim to regulate the temperature between 19 and 22 C°. We have air conditioning equipment configured to work in N + 1 in all the rooms of the Datacenter, which always guarantees a standby equipment in case of breakdown with a main equipment.

Our fire detection and extinguishing systems collect signals from sensors installed in the data center and activate a series of audible alarms and lights that are automatically activated when smoke or fire is detected. The extinction can be done manually by means of activation buttons that are distributed through the rooms. Also available are ABC-type fire extinguishers, an automatic firefighting process by discharging FM-200 gas that is stored in cylinders in data center rooms. There are also several emergencies exits signposted for a quick evacuation of the building.

Our Data Centers have the most modern access control and security systems through closed circuit TV, biometrics and an access validation ring system that guarantees that only authorized persons will have access to the Data Centers.

Managed Services

Support and management services can be contracted as part of a multi-service project or to meet a single or recurring demand from your company. Count on our advice and make the best decision on:
- Operating systems
- Management of jobs or workloads
- Backup management
- Active infrastructure monitoring
- Database management
- SAP Basis
- 24/7 remote management of your platforms

Support and management services can be contracted as part of a multi-service project or to meet a single or recurring demand from your company. Count on our advice and make the best decision on:

  • Operating systems
  • Management of jobs or workloads
  • Backup management
  • Active infrastructure monitoring
  • Database management
  • SAP Basis
  • 24/7 remote management of your platforms

We manage 100% of the migration process of our clients to a new data center or the cloud, making the risks of the process explicit and minimizing the operational risk as much as possible with a unique work methodology:


We will present the best strategies to migrate your environment in the most appropriate way so that you can safely make the decision to perform physical, virtual or hybrid migrations, contracted as part of a project or on time. You'll approve each step of the process, decide on the best time to execute them, and receive executive reports daily.

Our Disaster Recovery service, in the Pay-as-you-go model, considers the replication of your company's applications to a secondary site (public or private cloud), using the tools that best suit your workloads.

Our team will take care of your connectivity and security so you can focus on defining the RTO and RPO terms required by your business.

The orchestration of the services will be carried out by a team that will monitor your main environment and be ready to trigger the necessary contingency.

The Backup service in the Pay-as-you-go model provides the practicality and agility necessary to protect your data, locally or remotely, without worrying about Hardware, Software and technical knowledge.

Our backup solutions ensure end-to-end cryptography, so that only authorized persons have access to data.


Why are we the best choice?

1)    Tier III-IV data centers: in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, with support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2)    We have experience to operate the main tools of public cloud providers and support simple or complex solutions.

3)    Highly experienced team to guide, deploy and manage complex hybrid solutions, including public-private cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
4)    Disaster recovery solutions for any risk mitigation.

5)    We have a coverage management skills gap for: Proactive Technical Support, Infrastructure Managed Services, SAP Base, Database, OSHypervisors, Workloads, Backup, Monitoring, Devops.

6)    Solutions ready for integration with your clouds: Hybrid Cloud Computing, Storage as a Service, Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service.

7)    Provisioning and management services for virtualized or dedicated session edge controllers for Microsoft direct routing for phone system users and meetings in Microsoft Teams.

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