Human Rights Policy

1. Introduction

The Human Rights Policy formalizes Sencinet's commitment to promoting decent standards of working conditions to its employees, as well as the Company's expectation in relation to its suppliers and customers, ensuring that all professionals who work throughout their business chain are treated with legality, respect and dignity.

2. Objectives

2.1.  Establish guidelines for maintaining a fair and ethical work environment.

2.2.  Establish guidelines on the standards of conduct expected from Sencinet's suppliers and third parties.

2.3.  Establish the coverage of the commitments adopted by Sencinet on fighting unhuman conditions of work.

2.4.  Ensure that Sencinet's suppliers are in compliance with local, national laws, other regulations and all relevant conventions to the International Labor Organization (ILO).

3. Guidelines

3.1.  This policy is applicable to all Sencinet, its suppliers, third parties and customers, or other entities that are interested in doing business with the Company.

3.2.  Slave, forced, performed by victims of human trafficking, servile (bondage by debt or by contract) or involuntary prison will not be accepted by the Company in any type of relationship with suppliers, customers or third parties. The transport, shelter, recruitment or transfer of persons using threats, force, coercion, abduction or fraud by services will be considered trafficking.

3.3.  In all employment contracts to be established by suppliers, the following situations must be verified:

Non-occurrence of any type of fee, deposit or any other form of worker cost, by the supplier or associated recruitment agent.

Contract delivered to the worker written in his native language, containing the working conditions duly expressed, prior to his departure from the country of origin and beginning of his duties and providing for the possibility of resigning from employment upon prior notice.

3.4.  Child labor must not be used in any of Sencinet's business units.

3.5.  Sencinet, its suppliers and customers must only hire people of the minimum age permitted by the labor legislation of the country in which they operate or of an age applicable to the completion of compulsory education, selecting based on the highest age.

3.6.  Every worker under the age of 18 will be prohibited from providing work on the night shift and any other services that may be detrimental to their health, safety or personal development.

3.7.  Every employee, both from the Company and from third parties, should be entitled to one day off per week and a workload of a maximum of 48 hours per week, if they do not incur overtime, or 60 hours per week, if they incur overtime, which must be voluntary and paid at the standard hour plus an additional amount.

3.8.  Salaries and benefits must be minimally adjusted to amounts established in the legislation of the country in which they operate and within the terms established by contract.

3.9.  Any disciplinary action that results in a reduction in wages will be prohibited.

3.10.  Physical or verbal abuse, threats, sexual or moral harassment, mental or physical coercion or any other form of intimidation will not be permitted. Any occurrence of any form of abuse must be reported by employees or third parties through the Company's Report Channel, Your Voice, through the email

3.11.  The supplier must make available, whenever requested, the records of disciplinary measures applied to its employees, guaranteeing the totality and content of the information provided.

3.12.  Hiring must not be carried out through discriminatory practices, either by the Sencinet or by suppliers, nor will medical tests that can be used for this type of practice be required. The Company will respect all-inclusive legislation and best practices, fomenting actions to keep its work environment always diverse.

3.13.  Sencinet may carry out a due diligence process to verify personal information when hiring new employees. The rules regarding background investigation must be included in the human resources procedures of the local entity, always observing the current labor legislation.

3.14.  Every employee will have the right to join unions organizations, without interference, discrimination, retaliation or harassment by Sencinet.

3.15.  Third parties must disclose direct communication channels with Sencinet to their external and subcontracted employees and ensure that this information is duly updated, when necessary.

3.16.  Occupational health and safety standards must follow the requirements and restrictions provided for in the Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy for all business units and outsourced services.

3.17.  The employee responsible for managing the supplier contract must immediately report, directly to the compliance office, any violations of the requirements provided for in this policy.

3.18.  Contractual termination must be provided for, in the event of the supplier's refusal to make necessary and requested changes by Sencinet, which aim to guarantee the working conditions provided for in this policy.

3.19.  Violations of the guidelines set out in this policy will result in disciplinary action, which may range from warnings to termination of the contract, depending on the severity of the violation. This penalty will act in conjunction with the civil and criminal penalties established by current local legislation.

4. Appendix

4.1. Concepts
4.2. Responsibilities

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